Lunchtime Procedures

If your child will be staying over at lunchtime then please read through these procedures. We follow these procedures to promote a happy, social time for the children while encouraging healthy eating:-

• A member of staff will sit with each table of no more than eight children to help with the children’s needs should they require it.

• Each staff member to have a 20 minute break.

• All lunchboxes must be clearly marked with the child’s name.

• Drinks will be provided. This will be juice or water, (Water is available at all times). For children who drink milk, whole pasteurised milk will be provided.

• We inform parents who provide food for their children about the storage facilities available in the setting. Ice packs are to be used in the children’s lunch packs.

• We offer the following guidelines to parents who provide food for their children:-
◦ We encourage the use of low salt varieties of crisps, biscuits & snacks.
◦ sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks should not be part of the packed lunch.
◦ parents should consider bringing: fruit, fruit flakes, raisins, flapjacks, vegetable sticks, dry fruit.

• In order to protect children with food allergies we discourage children sharing and swapping their food with one another.

• As we have children at the setting who have allergies to food containing nuts, parents are asked not to send food containing nuts to the setting, as we are a nut free zone.

• If a child needs a sleep after their lunch then they will be monitored every five minutes. A comfortable area will be provided for the children to sleep.

If you have any queries regarding your child staying over lunchtime then please ask a member of staff.