What a busy bear!

My name is Bertie Bear and I have had lots of fun over the last couple of years at Brough Playgroup, my favourite time is when I get to play games with all the children.

Playing Hopscotch

One of my favourites is playing in the sandpit, but I do get a bit messy!

Playing in the sandpit!

It’s not all just fun and games at the playgroup though I do get to visit exciting place when I go to stay at the childrens houses, I sometimes even get to go on holiday with them!

Cape Town, South Africa

And sometimes see lots of different animals!


Baby Ostriches

Reindeer at Centre Parcs

It’s not all fun though as Mrs Pearson sometimes takes me home so I can do some jobs for her, I told her I wasn’t big enough to fit the door but she still wanted me to try!

At Mrs Pearsons to fit a door.

But I don’t mind though as she does buy me new things when I need them.

Buying my new shoes

I hope to tell you all about my new adventures but it does depend on if the children let me have the time to update you!

See you at playgroup soon!

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