About Brough Eagles Ltd Playgroup

Free Places

We are registered to receive funding so we can offer up to 15hrs universal per week funded provision to each eligible Two, Three and Four year old.  At present you can claim funding the term after your child’s second or third birthday as follows:

  • Children born from the 1st Sept to 31st Dec – Spring Term onwards
  • Children born from the 1st Jan to 31st March – Summer Term onwards
  • Children born from the 1st April to 31st August – Autumn Term onwards

You are entitled to 15 hours funding in a week for a full term (an annual total of 38 weeks): if your child attends other settings this must be included in the 15 hrs.  We also offer the 30 hrs if you have an eligibility code and are registered with HMRC for the tax free childcare.

Staff to Child Ratios 

Our adult to child ratio is: 1 : 4 for 2 & a half – 3 year olds; 1 : 8 for 3 – 4 year olds


At the playgroup we try to encourage positive behaviour by encouragement and praise. Inappropriate behaviour is discouraged by explanation and talking about the situation that has arisen. Recurring unacceptable behaviour will be discussed with you to try and resolve the situation by working together.

Collection of Children

If your child is to be collected by another person, please let the supervisors know at the beginning of the session and you will be asked to sign the register to confirm this and provide a password for identification; the identified, designated person will sign the register on collection of your child. If your arrangements change due to unforeseen circumstances, please telephone 07841 840688 to notify the staff accordingly.

Security Information

The main access door to the playgroup is kept locked at all times and access is gained by ringing the bell and a member of staff will answer the door. Visitors will be asked to sign in and out of the building.

Health and Safety

  • staff must be notified of any medical condition, any medication taken or any existing injuries.
  • children with infectious diseases must not attend.
  • children with sickness and diarrhoea must not attend for at least 48hrs.
  • staff will only administer medication prescribed by the doctor.
  • accident records are kept and signed by a member of staff and also signed by the parent/carer upon collection of their child/children.
  • fire drills are carried out at least once every term. This will involve the children going outside for a very short time, where a register will be taken. The children will then be led back inside.
  • the playgroup has a no smoking policy.

Complaints and Concerns

It is our policy always to improve our Playgroup to provide the best possible childcare for each child. You can help us to do this by letting us know about what you are happy with and where you have concerns. Should you wish to talk about any aspect of our provision then please feel free to speak to any member of staff or any of the committee members who will advise you about what to do if any action needs to be taken. A copy of our complaints procedure can be found in the policies folder in the entrance hall.

The address and telephone number of our Ofsted regional centre are: Ofsted Early Years, North Region, 3rd Floor, Royal Exchange Buildings, St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7LA. Tel: 0845 601 4772 (Complaints and Enforcement)

Our policies are available to download in PDF by clicking here